Landscape Services

Looking for custom landscape design and maintenance around the Pittsburgh area?

No matter if it’s Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, Galati Landscaping is here to service your landscaping needs in every season. Our landscape designs have become known throughout the Washington County area as beautiful, quality work. The services we provide are to design, maintain, and cleanup your lawn. We also offer planting, mulching, aerating, and seeding services to give your yard a magnificent completion. Above all, our goal is to enhance and maintain the appearance of the exterior of your home or business using living elements as a landscaping contractor.

Landscape Designs

Have a design idea that you didn’t see in our inspiration gallery? No problem. We work with our customers to create beautiful designs that fit their homes.


Keeping up on a yard is a lot of work. Allow us to handle it by making your lawn look lively with professional lawn maintenance.

Snow Removal

The winters in Western Pennsylvania are brutal. Let us make your parking lots and sidewalks safe for your customers with our commercial snow plowing services. Learn More.


Seasons change, and so should the look of your lawn. If it’s time to clear the clutter from your yard, then let us get to work.

Rock Beds

Take your yard to the next level with our rock beds that are crafted with your needs in mind.


Bring out the appearance of your yard with vibrant plants and trees.


Mulch not only helps your yard to look nice, but it also maintains nutrients for trees and plants. Controlling those pesky weeds is another plus.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Disconnect from reality and reconnect with Family and Friends in the comfort of your own home with a quality outdoor living space by Galati Landscaping. Utilizing over 40 years of experience, we can create the outdoor living space of your dreams. From catalog inspirations to custom designs, let Galati turn your vision into a reality.

Fire Pits and Fire Places

Nothing brings people together quite like the warmth of a good fire. Top off your outdoor living space with one of our many fire pit and fireplace options. Fire Starting not your forte? Ask about our natural gas or propane options. View Our Catalog.

Commercial Snow Removal

When the last leaf falls and the flakes begin to fly, Galati Landscaping is there for your snow removal needs. Our fleet of plows and spreaders are always at the ready keeping you and your customers safe from the wicked winter weather. Offering 24 hour service, we are fully equipped to handle parking lots of any size as well as driveways, sidewalks, and access roads. When winter strikes, Galati has you covered.

Water Diversion

The beautiful rolling hills of SW Pennsylvania can wreak havoc when the rain falls, funneling water into your back yard, or even worse, your basement. The damage effects of water can be a nightmare for homeowners. From French Drains to complete re-grades Galati Landscaping offers a wide range of solutions for your water problems.


Bad thatching at the base of grass stems can prevent patches of land from receiving proper nutrients. Present a fully healthy landscape with our de-thatching service.


If your yard feels too hard and compact, then it may be suffocating. It’s time to let your yard breathe.


Working on certain outdoor projects can be difficult without a level surface. Grading your yard is a great place to start.


Does your lawn have a bald spot or look thin-grown? Don’t be embarrassed; diseases, pet urine, and erosion can cause these common issues. We can help your land grow.

Tree & Shrub Removal

Cutting down an old tree can be emotionally and physically difficult. Don’t get stumped, just give us a call.


Looking for a fresh start on your lawn? Sodding is the fastest way to get your lawn looking aesthetically pleasing.

French Drains

Water runoff from surrounding neighbors can be a mess. Get the proper drainage that your yard needs with a French drain.

Light Excavating

Whatever your reason for excavating your yard at your home or business, we simply aim to assist.