Fire Pits

Nothing brings people together quite like the warmth of a good fire. Top off your outdoor living space with one of our many fire pit and fireplace options. Fire Starting not your forte? Ask about our natural gas or propane options.

Build a fire pit in no time with our Edington Fire Pit Kit. Place base units on 4-6 inches of prepared compacted base and adhere units as you construct. Great for small fires, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

  •  (39) Edington Wall Stone Wedge Units
     (1) Steel Ring
     (3) Tubes Paver Adhesive
     Optional Precast Rockface Caps
  • 12″ H x 48″ D

The Belvedere Fire Pit creates a rustic sophistication all its own. The Belvedere Fire Pit has a diameter of approximately five feet and a height of fourteen inches, the proportions of the fire pit creates a perfect focal point for any occasion—from intimate gathers to larger events. The Belvedere Fire Pit blends seamlessly with the entire collection of attractive Rosetta® paver and wall lines. Kit includes steel metal ring.

  • Pallet contains all of the 6” tall, 3” tall, cap pieces, and steel ring needed to create the fire pit shown.

  • 14” H x 60” Dia.

Finally give your family a reason to put their feet up and their phones away with Kodah Square Fire Pit from Rosetta.

Square shape compliments modern design. All components included on one pallet for simple, waste-free installation.

Gas conversion kit available

• 36 Dimensional Units
• 3 – 10 oz. Tubes of Adhesive

• Steel Liner


12″ H x 44″ W x 44″ D